Firmware update v 1.0.0 for Ugoos AM3

AM3 get a great interest among our customers and you just need to check for OTA updates in settings if you already have one.

This is what we have in V 1.0.0:


Switcher will be a useful tool for developers who needs debug, install/delete applications or their own projects on AM3 TV Box, also OTG mode gives you ability to connect device to another PC and transfer files and check device’s file system.

Debug Settings: Ugoos Log Viewer

Another exclusive option will be useful for developers. Simple switchers let you connect using ADB via USB or Wi-Fi.

Log Viewer provides an easy way to collect and save logs (detailed information about device processing).

Gamepad Settings

GS let you extend personalization of your TV Box and get more advantages during gaming. Just connect you favorite gamepad run Ugoos settings – Gamepad Settings. In upper menu, choose previously connected gamepad and set buttons and axes. Safe and share profiles with your friends who also has Ugoos devices. More about Gamepad Settings in this ARTICLE.

Time correction

Now you will be able to set their own ntp server, if you had problems with current one. Also, system will save power disconnection time and when you will plug in your device again, you will get more closest time until server will update it to a current values. This option first appeared on Ugoos s905 devices and now we add it for s 912.

Set ntp server: settings – date & time – NTP server


In this option, we add ability to choose and set actions for sleep timer and power key on RC

You can disable sleep timer at all or choose appropriate time and set RC power key using three positions: sleep, hibernation and shutdown. In addition, bug with wake on motion feature was fixed.

Display -> Daydream -> Power key action/Power action timer

KODI 17 Krypton

Latest KODI 17 comes with a new firmware too. This time you need just proceed update and after reboot you will see new KODI with all previously installed add-ons (supported by KODI 17) and setttings.

Changelog v 1.0.0 Ugoos AM3:

    1. Added USB OTG-HOST Switcher (Ugoos settings -> Hardware -> USB switch)

    2. Added Gamepad Settings (Ugoos settings -> System -> Gamepad Settings)

    3. Added NTP Server setting (Date and time -> NTP Server)

    4. Launcher3. Fixed hidebar focus bug

    5. Added ability to switch launcher with RC in Home Settings

    6. Fixed touch popup windows

    7. Fixed ext4 support

    8. Fixed RC Settings bug

    9. Added ability of disabling wake up from motions (Display -> Daydream -> Wake up from motion)

    10. Added choice of actions for sleep timer and power key on RC (Display -> Daydream -> Power key action)

    11. Fixed sleep and power off bugs

    12. Translation changes (English, Russian, German, Chinese)

    13. Kodi 17

    14. Added Debug Settings (Ugoos settings -> System -> Debug Settings)

and other changes

DOWNLOADS: Ugoos AM3 Amlogic Firmware v 1.0.0 Android 6.0.1

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Comment(S) (3)

  • Comment by Lovator | Saturday, Apr 15 2017, 10:58AM

    Will there be a firmware for Android-TV, like on ugoos am1, am2

  • Comment by admin | Friday, Apr 21 2017, 03:49PM

    we are planning to release update in next few months, but can't set exact dates right now

  • Comment by trinity | Wednesday, May 10 2017, 04:39PM

    Should we expect the new firmware on Android 7 nougat for our device and when? May It will be a good idea to provide with beta version of new firmware?

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