RC Firmware Update v0.3.9 for Ugoos AM6 & Cube X2/X3 models


0.3.9 firmware is a release candidate!  Soon it will be available via OTA, when turn into stable version.


For users of the previous beta, an over-the-air update to 0.3.9 will be immediately available.

Upgrading to 0.3.9 is only possible through the OTA package. IMG for flashing via PC is intended only for restoring a device that is already flashed using 0.3.9 firmware earlier.

We are also posting firmware 0.3.7 with new ROM format, for those who need a rollback, this firmware can also be installed only on a device previously flashed to 0.3.9.


Changelog 28.12.2020 v.0.3.9

1. Fixed wake on LAN function
2. Fixed CoreELEC Ethernet connection problem
3. Fixed false double tap for some unstable remote controllers
4. Fixed return of hdmi sound parameters after listening to multi-channel PCM audio
5. Fixed long freezes of GeForce NOW stream
6. Added ability reduce display time of mouse pointer
7. Added right mouse button setting
8. Moved F2-5 key events to UG1-4 for Remote Control Buttons application. Buttons remap will be required
9. Removed calling emoji keyboard by alt buttons
10. Fixed root state in status bar with Magisk option
11. Added Remote Control Buttons application to settings
12. Changed battery level
13. Other system changes


Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Ugoos AM6/AM6 Pro/AM6 Plus v 0.3.9

Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X2 Family v 0.3.9

Firmware and Full OTA Pack for Cube X3 Family v 0.3.9



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Comment(S) (8)

  • Comment by Junoxe | 30.12.2020

    Hi, thank You for upgrade. But there is an issue between this version and CoreElec Matrix on dual boot. As there are stiull problems with CEC i tried to run BL301 injection to have suspend/wake up. But encryption doesnt allow. Do You think You can solve it? CoreElec dev advised me: "Did not find Amlogic image header magic! Error - exit! Your bootloader is encrypted, no way to inject bl301, no way to solve your wake up issue by CE. Contact your vendor to provide a fix, thank you."

  • Comment by Junoxe | 31.12.2020

    I found another issue. As i turn my X2 Cube off then i cant in turn on using or CEC in any way. I have to unplug and pług again to boot. I dont use stock IR wire and remote.

  • Comment by Warren | 01.01.2021

    My Box is a Ugoo's Am6 Pro I really like all the cool features that this box has. But I have disconnects/connection issues with Minix A3 Air Mouse remote. The 2.0 USB ports seem to have random disconnects causing this issue. https://www.amazon.ca/MINIX-Backlit-Keyboard-Six-Axis-Gyroscope/dp/B082K89FSK/ref=asc_df_B082K89FSK/?tag=googlemobshop-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=341630215392&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4483227390213365924&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9000783&hvtargid=pla-896199154027&psc=1 It has really affected the experience I am having with this box. I also run into issues with "Launcher3, " constantly getting System UI stopping messages.

  • Comment by An Gu | 01.01.2021

    After upgrade FW to 0.3.9 on AM6 plus ethernet lost connection. WiFi works well.

  • Comment by Sergey | 02.01.2021

    Если пропал проводной интернет ( Lan), то поможет перезагрузка по питанию, просто выдернуть питание и снова включить. Всё заработает.

  • Comment by Adrian | 03.01.2021

    After updating my AM6 to firmware version 0.3.9 and booting into CoreElec on my SD card, it seems to work normally except for one major issue. I recently added several new albums to my music drive. All have been scanned to the library and both display and play perfectly in Android however, in CoreElec the album names are there but all folders show as empty. Any advice please?

  • Comment by Riko | 04.01.2021

    Lost ethernet too on plus version but managed to get it back. Not sure if down to enabling root or cos enabled magisk root.

  • Comment by Gian | 04.01.2021

    i still can't get dolby atmos and dolby e-ac3 to work

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