Stable Firmware Version - 0.5.4 For X2/X3/AM6 Families Available


0.5.4 firmware is a stable release! It is available via OTA for all stable firmware users inclusing previous latest stable 0.4.2.

Changelog 14.10.2022 v.0.5.4


1. Lots of video codec fixes

2. Removed video codec fixes setting

3. HDMI CEC improvements

4. Fixed system crash when pressing Menu frequently

5. Fixed DTS-HD audio passthrough for some audio receivers

6. Fixed issue with no sound after high resolution PCM audio playback

7. Removed HDR to SDR and SDR to HDR settings

8. Added HDR policy setting

9. Added new option: enhanced HDR to SDR (only for AM6+)

10. Fixed problem when automatic frame rate function not available after boot

11. Fixes of automatic frame rate function for Dolby Vision

12. Improved video size detection for system automatic frame rate function

13. Reformed automatic frame rate settings

14. Added new option for changing resolution by AFR_CALC without enabling main setting

15. Fixed button manager issue for some remote controllers

16. Fixed playback pause when using OK button on Bluetooth remote controller

17. Fixed no sound in GeForce Now application for Bluetooth devices (need re-pair)

18. Added key layout for G20 BTS PRO

19. Added USearch application

20. Added UPlayer application with Dolby Vision support

21. Changed Google application to version 3.7.0

22. New CoreELEC build

23. Magisk updated

24. Changed LED indication:

     - active mode: yellow for AM6, magenta for X2/X3 (flashing when remote control buttons are pressed)

     - sleep mode: green for AM6, blue for X2/X3

     - hibernation: red

25. Many other changes for system stability



Ugoos AM6


X2 Family


X3 Family

Comment(S) (18)

  • Comment by wesje | 19.10.2022

    Bluetooth on X3 working again.

  • Comment by Ken | 21.10.2022

    Nice!!!Thank you very much!!!!!

  • Comment by Mark D | 23.10.2022

    can I go back to 4.2 if the new update causes problems

  • Comment by josegpe06 | 24.10.2022

    Ugoos AM6B Plus for defual HDMI Sound is disable...

  • Comment by scrower | 24.10.2022

    Device : Ugoos AM6+ Firmware : Latest updated Stock Dualboot CoreELEC AM6_dce_0.5.4 External Hardware: Gamepad Gamesir T4 Pro Problem : Playing Asphal 8, Asphalt 9 games with a gamepad. When the gamepad is on, I can play the game with the game pad (with Bluetooth or USB dongle) on the first installation. However, when I exit the game and connect it to another process, the gamepad turns itself off to save power, turns the gamepad back on, connects to the box and enters the game, the game does not see the gamepad and I cannot play the game with the gamepad. When I restart the Box, the gamepad connects to the box, when the system boots up, I can open the game and play the game with the gamepad. Briefly; When the gamepad turns itself off and on to save power, I have to restart the box in order to play the game. (Only in asphal 8 and 9 games I've tried. I haven't tried it in other games). I would appreciate it if you could improve on this issue.

  • Comment by Victor | 24.10.2022

    "Comment by Mark D | 23.10.2022 can I go back to 4.2 if the new update causes problems" Sure you can. Get the OTA file from 0.4.2, put it on your device and use updater in device settings

  • Comment by Johndoe | 29.10.2022

    Is the smbd version upgrade is in this release ?

  • Comment by Johndoe | 29.10.2022

  • Comment by grimmute | 31.10.2022

    Johndoe No, Samba server is still extremely slow and it's not updated. Additionally I'm getting some bugs on this version that I didn't have on the previous stable on AM6B Plus. On wake up, HDMI colors are mostly wrong (pinkish) and I have to sleep/wake up device once more to get the correct colors. Secondly the remote works like a piece of trash since update and keeps reconnecting to the box.

  • Comment by Dennis | 01.11.2022

    I can't connect to the device (Am6 plus) with samba. Not from my Pc or my Tablet Since I have installed this firmware

  • Comment by Dennis | 02.11.2022

    I also have a lot of stuttering when I play a dts-hd movie as pcm 7.1. Only pcm stereo is working

  • Comment by Johndoe | 15.11.2022

    Will all the bugs mentioned, are you sure it is a "stable" release ? We have to avoid it.

  • Comment by deepunknown | 16.11.2022

    Avoid this release, it's stuttering A LOT on Kodi/VLC with some local videos. I can't understand what the problem is. I'll revert to the previous one.

  • Comment by александр | 24.11.2022

    после последнего обновления перестал работать bluetooth, пришлось вернуться на прежнюю прошивку

  • Comment by Oleg | 28.11.2022

    После последний прошивки 0.5.4 появились провалы видео на ютюб,так же появились провалы в браузерах.на 1,2 секунды появляется просто черный экран,и это постоянно. Очень плохо. Прошивка не стабильная и имеет очень много недаработок,что ведёт к нестабильности работы системы. Версию прошивки нужно откатывать на старую до выпуска исправлений.

  • Comment by coolyzp | 25.12.2022

    Hello, my device is ugoos am6b plus, the system version is 0.5.4, in the Dolby Vision option I set it to Dolby vision enable, I know that this mode is standard Dolby Vision, also called TV LED Dolby Vision, this mode uses 8bit RGB tunneling technology, for high-end TVs using this mode is better than LLDV picture quality, But SDR and HDR10 content is limited to 444 8bit when this mode is turned on, which causes some problems, I think Dolby Vision's pixel format should be independent of SDR and HDR10 content, and use the pixel format set by the user when playing SDR and HDR10 content.

  • Comment by Вадим | 06.01.2023

    Приставка Ugoos am6 b plus новая, при подключенни сразу обновилась на 0.5.4, в настройках в закладке "Экран" нет вкладки Dolby Vision, что было до обновления не посмотрел. Читал, что вкладка Dolby Vision появляется в настойках приставки только тогда если она подключена к телевизору, который поддерживает этот режим.., это действительно так..?

  • Comment by QT-Pro | 05.11.2023

    Hi, I have an Ugoos AM6 Plus with dual boot. I have been using it with CoreElec only for at least 2 years however, today I booted into the standard Android interface and an Ugoos update was available so I let it install. Now it will no longer boot correctly. It just arrives at a black screen, loads a few icons, and then restarts over and over again. I tried the recovery option which got me back into CoreElec but every attempt to get back into the Ugoos interface fails. What can I do to solve this please?

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