USB Interface Tips and Policy

USB interface is one of the most common for digital devices, so any Ugoos device has at least on USB port.

USB ports are used for various tasks like connecting external HDDs, controllers or extended gadgets for using other interfaces (Ethernet LAN, IRDA, Touchscreens etc.).

All latest Brand devices including Ugoos AM6 and AM7 families, X2, X3, X4 families have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 fastspeed interfaces on board.

In Ugoos Devices, we make our USB ports available for users’ control:

In Ugoos devices, there is a main USB port, which has extended row of functions – called OTG port. This port is used for device reflashing and other special functions like debugging or host connections. For this port, there is a functional switcher with different modes:
1. Host – or normal USB mode when you able to connect flash drives or USB dongles using interface for transferring data.

2. OTG – this mode makes debugging function available, but normal function will no longer work.

3. MTP – this mode gives ability to transfer files to another device.

4. PTP – limited transfer mode just for photos and some other files.

Also for USB power policy, we made a switcher which controls turning on/off interfaces in sleep mode. This function may be useful if you need to wake up device using USB controller or prevent using them while sleep.


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