Why and how to collect logs on Ugoos devices?


Collecting logs is a format of report about device performance. There are several options when you need to collect logs:

  • When you find bug in a stable firmware and you want to help us to fix it
  • While using some apps find out they work not properly
  • If you are developer and want to find the better way to improve your code

In our devices we have decided to automate this process in order to help our clients to deliver reports more effective.

Here is detailed guide how to collect logs:

  1. Run Settings -> Ugoos (X2/X3) Settings -> Debug Settings -> Log Viewer.
  2. Grant storage permission for the application in order provide ability to create log file.
  3. In app press “Start” button.
  4. Now you can start or initiate the process you have problem with and proceed the abnormal activity so Log Viewer will be able to collect logs at this time.
  5. After interested action/problem happened need to go back to settings  Ugoos (X2/X3) Settings -> Debug Settings -> Log Viewer.
  6. Press “Stop” button.
  7. Using standard file manager or any installed one find “Logfile” folder in device storage. In folder you will find one or several files with logs and copy or send them for following actions.

These log files can be sent to our Support team if you have found som bugs or used for further development processes.


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