Rc 11 Air Mouse

Rc 11 Air Mouse

Rc 11 Air Mouse



The first air mose RC11 which developed by MEASY independently,used the best operating experience 2.4GHz wireless technology at the present,Taking the RC11 in your hands,moving it slightly,the correspongding cursor will move on the screen.The sampling frequency of the RC11 can up to 120Hz.The operation is flexible and smooth.It would not appear angular or broken line phenomenon when you drawing a circel or curve on the screen.the lines are sleek and delicate,showing a high level of smoothness Operating convenient,powerful functions

Operating convenient,powerful functions the convenience of the air mouse RC11 is also reflected that it can be used for the devices,also can be used for computer immediately when you plug it on,but without installing any drivers .Its date tranmission uses 2.4G Wireless transmission,and the transmission distance can up to 30M.Whether in the living room or in the office.you can use this remote control to input and browser.You can perform these two functions very well together.in the field of family entertainment.TV and the internet combined more and more closely.the triple-play internet applications have been entering the ordinary families.Lying on the sofa,handing the RC11.You can control the MEASY media player.HTPC,Smart TV and computer easily in the air at home.You can share the large TV as computer screen at home,watching HD movies,searching video,and browsing Websites


Can be used for HD media players and Tvs

2.4GHz DSSS radio transceiver 30M feet max distance

The infrared control distance can up to 10M

The life for the all buttons of the air mouse RC11 is more than 1.5 millon times,these buttons can save energy and protect environment too when the mouse stays more than 2 minutes whthout working,RC11 will go into hibemation itself.The air mouse RC11 use 2.4GHz wireless Transmission technology.The superior gaming experience,smooth operation experience brings more surprise to you.


  • RF radio frequency: 2.4G RF
  • Power: Dry batteries No.7 1.5V
  • Buttons life: 1500,000 times
  • Main components: remote control+USB receiver
  • The working current of the USB receiver: about 21.5mA
  • The working current of The remote control receiver: about 20mA
  • Signal transmission mode: 2.4G RF
  • Support operating system: windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC/Liuns/android
  • Power save time of the mouse: 2 minutes

How to use?

Using the switch buttonof the air mouse can switch the functions of the mouse and keyboard

Pres starting button of the mouse to start mouse function.Press starting button again to cancel the mouse function When the mouse function is activated,LED light will be lit.the left and right button of the mouse can be available.but the wireless keyboard is unavailable.

When using theactivated button of the mouse to make the mousefunctions suspend,the wireless keyboard functions will be available.every time you press.the buttons of the keyboard and LED light will flash one time.


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